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California Single Mother Assistance


California provides several services for its citizens. Some California single mother assistance can be found online at the California Department of Social Services (CDSS) web site: This site allows individuals to find services, report abuse and generally gives the citizens of California an opportunity to easily interact with their state government.

In addition to the regular tabs that will allow a user to find services, the CDSS home page has a list of featured programs that might provide California single mother assistance, depending on what the single mother needs. A recent review of the home page found a link to a discussion about changes in the child welfare system in California. There was also an article that discussed what the state of California was doing to monitor and measure the outcomes of its child welfare program. The State does not want its children to get lost in “the system” and is working on ways to improve its child welfare system. This should provide the California single mother assistance in understanding what the State is doing to the children in its care. Many of the women who earn below the level have children in the California system and they want to know their children are in good care.

The CALWorks (California Works Opportunity and Responsibility to Kids) program provides help to families with children. These families have few resources because of the illness or death of a primary caretaker. There are mechanisms to allow families to obtain immediate help, but there is paperwork to do in order to get that help.

CALWorks is also the California single mother assistance entry point for the US government Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) program. The TANF program, which replaced the old Aid to Families with Dependent Children program, was reauthorized by the US Congress in 2006. The Federal government authorizes the states to manage the TANF program according to the needs of each state. This program has developed over the decade since its beginning. Anyone who received AFDC funding, moved away from California and is now returning, or anyone who received TANF funding from another state will need to check with CALWorks in order to discover if she still qualifies for California single mother assistance under that program.

Interestingly enough, a Google search for information on California single mother assistance programs found information on the programs that existed before the Federal government modified its welfare programs. Many of the links found were opportunities for singles to meet other singles. Perhaps the recent TANF authorization is so new that few sites have created links to current information. Anyone interested should search for information frequently.

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