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Finding A Housing Program For Single Mother


As a single mother, you may be surprised to finally find yourself in a position to buy your own home. But, where do you start? Is there a housing program for single mother? Yes, there are many places to find available housing programs, though not specifically aimed at single mothers; they do provide safe, affordable housing for low-income segments of the population.


The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) has information on housing counseling and lists of local and state agencies that can help you in your decision to buy a home. Many of the programs that HUD manages are for low-income residents and not specifically for a housing program for single mother. However, they have information on getting a loan, avoiding predatory lending practices, and first-time home buying programs.

State Housing Finance Agency

These agencies seem to be a well-kept secret. Their mission to help low-income people get into homes that are safe and affordable. Contacting your state housing finance agency can open your eyes as to what local programs may be available in your area for a housing program for single mother.

Habitat For Humanity

One housing program for single mother is Habitat For Humanity. They have done more than anyone to place single mothers in safe, affordable housing communities. The program requires that the selected families be in partnership with Habitat For Humanity to build the home by devoting some labor to the task. Although economic need is a basis for choosing families who receive Habitat For Humanity homes, they also look carefully at a family's ability to repay the low-interest loan they get.

The Nehemiah Foundation

This privately funded program gives gift funds up to 6% if the sales price of a home to first time and repeat homebuyers who have a qualifying lender. They offer to work with specific lenders in your area or you can look at Nehemiah home listings that are up for sale.

Looking for a housing program for single mother can be a time-consuming process, but it is well worth the dividends. Owning your own home provides tax benefits in reducing your take rate by taking the home mortgage deduction allowed by the IRS. It provides a stable base to raise children. It builds equity and is a form of savings for cash-strapped single mothers. It is an asset that builds a good credit history. All in all, owning a home is the best investment still available today, whether you are a single mother or a just an average Joe trying to get by in America.

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