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Requirements For Housing For Single Mother


Single mothers are raising the next generation of children. The statistics in the 2000 Census show that every year the number of single parents are increasing dramatically in American society, with single mothers continuing to outnumber single fathers by a 3 to 1 margin. Also, there are now more single women buying real estate then single males. Many of these single women are single mothers.

The reasons single mothers buy real estate are multiple, but often having a stable roof over their children's head is their number one priority. Should a single mother end up homeless, her children can be removed from her custody and placed in foster homes. Getting them back would mean that the parent must meet requirements for housing for single mothers that she may not be able to afford.

A single mother's housing requirements include:

* Safety
* Affordability
* Low-maintenance

Many single mothers can get public assistance and vouchers for housing, but they end up in bad neighborhoods further damaging their chances for a stable family life. Requirements for housing for single mother must include a safe environment for her children if she wants to avoid exposing the children to gangs, drugs, and other types of crimes that can influence their future in negative manners.

Although safety may be a primary issue in housing for a single mother, she may not be able to afford a neighborhood in her city, which is safe. The trade-off for safety is affordability. Many programs now offer housing for single mother that is both safe and affordable. It's just a matter of connecting with the right resources within the community find out what is available.

Many single mothers prefer apartments because there are no hidden maintenance fees. If they are in a position to buy their own home, they may opt for town homes to reduce the need for maintenance. Many homebuilders are now taking their cue from the emergence of more single parent households and providing low-maintenance communities. However, there is something special about having a single family home that all Americans dream about owning someday. A single mother is no different except that housing for single mother does have to be safe, affordable, and low maintenance.

If a single parent isn't aware of these requirements for housing for single mother, then they may end up over-reaching their financial capabilities and experiencing and eviction or foreclosure. No more than 30% of one's income should be put towards housing expenses and one should calculate the costs of home maintenance into that equation as well.

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