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Where To Find Homes To Buy For Single Moms


While some single moms make quite a good income, the great deal of single mothers are struggling financially. Add to that the inequities in pay and discrimination in the workplace against single parents, and you come up with people who have to provide home and shelter for children but with limited means. That doesn't stop them from trying to achieve the American dream: buying a home. So, where do you go to find homes to buy for single moms?

Habitat For Humanity

Undoubtedly, between the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and Habitat for Humanity, these two organizations have provided the most homes to buy for single mothers. Habitat for Humanity does requires many hours of sweat equity from the family while building, but it has benefited countless single mothers with children and continues to do so yearly. The loans provided for single mothers are based on need, willingness to participate in the program, and their ability to repay a no-interest loan.


The Department of Housing and Urban Development is also a great place to find homes to buy for single moms. They buy homes in foreclosure and offer it for resale to others. They offer a "good neighbor" program for officers, teachers, fire fighters, and emergency medical technicians. Also, if you are currently in public housing and would like to own a home, there's a program for that as well.

Women's Centers

Don't forget local women's centers when looking for homes to buy for single moms. Some have information or programs specifically to help single mothers get housing. You would most likely have to be a first-time homebuyer.

Buying a home for a single mother can be one of the best investments made for her family. It not only provides shelter but also is an asset that, if the market is good, will appreciate over time. It shows credit-worthiness and reduces the impact on inflation on monthly housing payments. Many organizations that try and help female heads of household know the value of helping them to locate and finance homes to buy for single moms.

Homes For The Holiday

The Warrick Dunn Foundation established this program to assist single moms in owning their first home. They help with the down payment and furnish the home. You must be nominated by a partnering non-profit in order to be considered for the program. You can't nominate yourself.

There are statistics that show now that more single women are buying homes than single men. The market is aware of this demographic and will slowly begin to offer more and more opportunities for homes to buy for single moms. In addition, many agencies set up to help women avoid poverty know that homeownership for single moms is the best indicator of their success.

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