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Are You Looking For A Scholarship For Single Moms?


There are some unique scholarship opportunities available to single mothers, particularly if you've had to overcome some large obstacles to get to where you are. Many scholarships for women are need-based and also take into account minority-status and obstacles like domestic and alcohol abuse recovery. If you are looking for a scholarship for single moms, often, you can even find them right on the Internet.

Obviously, like grants, the first thing one wants to do to locate a scholarship for single moms is to file the FAFSA. The FAFSA is the Free Application For Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) that allows the government to determine need and award grants and scholarships on a first-come/first serve basis. By submitting the FAFSA to the colleges or universities of your choice, not only will it make you eligible for Federal funds, but the universities or colleges you apply to will also use it to see if you match any of their private scholarships or grants.

Another great place to look for a scholarship for single moms is online. There are a number of websites like and Sallie Mae's In addition, there are many websites for private college funds like the North Carolina College Fund, the Negro College Fund, and the American Indian College Fund. They all contain great information on what state level scholarships are available, where to apply, and by when.

Other organizations worth noting when looking for a scholarship for single moms are:

The Sunshine Lady Foundation

This foundation offers scholarships to women who have been a victim of a partner's abuse.

Soroptomist Club

This club (which boasts 45,000 members in the U.S.) offers scholarships on the basis of need or domestic violence or drug and alcohol abuse recovery. Local clubs handle all the scholarship applications.

Kazimour Scholarships

There are two undergraduates and one graduate scholarship awarded each spring semester, which is sponsored by Dr. Kim Kazimour and ANTSHE.

Raise The Nation

This non-profit organization helps women looking for a scholarship for single moms. They also have a loan repayment program for single mothers unable to repay their loans. There are requirements that need to be met: a record showing strong community service or volunteerism.

Being a single mother is difficult, but finding a scholarship for single moms might be the help you need to get a better life. With so many resources available in the form of scholarships or grants, it pays to look into these valuable services.

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McCord defends single-mom message in Pa. campaign

HARRISBURG, Pa. (AP) - Democratic gubernatorial candidate Rob McCord insisted Monday that he has not ignored his stepfather's role in raising him but rather that he is emphasizing that being raised for a time by a single mother familiarized him with financial insecurity.


Watch: Single Mom Facing Child Abuse Charges Receives $95K in Support

Phoenix mother Shanesha Taylor was arrested for allegedly leaving her kids in a car during a job interview.


Single mom encourages residents to give to Burlington Easter food drive

A food bank means the difference between an empty stomach or having food in the cupboard for Stephanie and her eight-year-old son. The single Burlington mom works part-time in a job where her hours aren’t guaranteed. This means there isn’t always enough money for groceries.


Rotary pledges to provide service dog for Richmond Hill girl

The Rotary Club of Richmond Hill is helping to make a life-saving dream come true for a little girl. This year, 3-year-old Jean Do of Richmond Hill was diagnosed with acute type-1 diabetes.


Compelling face of today’s poor

A new HBO documentary, “Paycheck to Paycheck: The Life and Times of Katrina Gilbert,” shows the face of poverty far too few people see or acknowledge. Through 30-year-old single mother Katrina Gilbert, who lives in Chattanooga, Tenn., struggling to make ends meet and care for her three children, the lives of millions of low-income single parents in America – an estimated 42 million of them women ...