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Single parenting, in general, is challenging. As difficult as it is to be a parent today in a traditional family, being a single parent is even more difficult. Single parents are often overwhelmed with being the sole responsible member of the household, in charge of the housekeeping, shopping, errands and children. Single parents worry not only about maintaining the house and the finances; they worry about making sure they have enough time to spend with their children to provide a loving, supportive atmosphere in the home. Single parenting in general can be successful if a few simple strategies are put in place.

* Boundaries must be established. Single parenting, in general, requires that the parent be the clear boss in the home. Allowing children to take on the role of equals in the house hold can lead to serious discipline problems within the family. Children need boundaries and limits with clear expectations.
* Single parenting in general is not a negative state of being. Therefore, the attitude in the household should be a positive one. The family situation should be viewed as a positive workable situation instead of a turn of bad luck.
* Single parenting, in general, creates overwhelming situations. The shear volume of the responsibilities and duties involved with raising children alone creates feelings of inadequacy. Single parents must recognize they cannot run their family the same way that a traditional family is run. Single parents must learn to manage their time, assign daily chores to children, and find support from family, friends and support groups. The single parent must also enlist their children’s support in running the family.
* While single parenting in general, is difficult, it is still possible, and very necessary to create a nurturing, stable home environment. This will help the children feel secure. Single parents must be especially aware of their children’s needs for love and affection.
* Establishing a regular routine and schedule for the family will make the job of single parenting, in general, much easier to manage.
* Single parenting, in general, requires a wide support system. Single parents need the emotional support of family and friends as well as companionship. Support in the form of child care and help in emergencies is also necessary.
* Because single parenting, in general, is so demanding, it is vital that single parents take care of themselves. In addition to eating healthy and exercising, it is important that single parents manage their mental and emotional well-being. Join a co-op that trades babysitting so that you can have some time to yourself, away from the children. Work out a stress management system that allows you to relieve the stress before it becomes a problem.

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Giving Thanks: Three Lessons I Lived As a Single Mother - Huffington Post

Giving Thanks: Three Lessons I Lived As a Single Mother
Huffington Post
I didn't really get that there was a stigma about being a single mom until I worked in corporate America. When it finally hit me that some people viewed single mothers through a different lens, I had been raising my daughter alone for about seven years.


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Single Mothers on Exclaim! TV Chatroom
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Hooray for single mothers – and Gillian Wearing's celebration of them - The Guardian

The Guardian

Hooray for single mothers – and Gillian Wearing's celebration of them
The Guardian
The discourse around single parents, 90% of whom are women, is that they have shamelessly chosen their predicament. It seems that people don't break up because their relationships are no longer working or one partner is harming the other. No. Women ...
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Don't Let Anyone Blame Single Mothers for Economic Inequality - Slate Magazine (blog)

Slate Magazine (blog)

Don't Let Anyone Blame Single Mothers for Economic Inequality
Slate Magazine (blog)
But I'm also skeptical about efforts to turn the inequality debate toward single mothers and absent fathers—because, in the end, it's simply not driving the changes in the economy we're experiencing today. As Timothy Noah wrote in Slate years ago, the ...


What You Might Not Know About Single Moms - Huffington Post

Huffington Post

What You Might Not Know About Single Moms
Huffington Post
I'm loath to refer to myself as a "single mom" -- not because I'm ashamed of my status, but because that label conjures such stereotypical misconceptions. Whether it's men laying on thick opportunistic flattery, women tearfully offering condolences or ...