Empowered Single Moms'
Life Coaching Community

Be part of a community of single moms with similar goals and similar struggles.

empowered Single Moms Life Coaching Community

Empowered Single Mom Paid Life Coaching Community is a monthly subscription membership. The regular price for most life coaching groups is $40 to $50 per group session.

Wouldn't it be amazing if you didn't have to build your new life alone?

When I first got divorced I felt so alone. Then I lost my job in the middle of getting divorced. I was ready to give up. 

Finally, I was able to build a support system of people who got me. People who understood how much I wanted to be confident and happy again.

Building a new life felt like an insurmountable task. I wasn’t sure I would ever be confident again.

Maybe you know the feeling....


You lost friends in the breakup. You miss your kids when they are with their dad. You miss having someone to tell about your day or the cute thing your kid said.


You used to have another adult to help with something. Now it's all up to you and it feels like you are carrying the weight of the world alone.

No one understands

Your coupled friends just don't get your struggles. You don't know anyone who has the kind of goals you do as a single mom.

What Others are Saying About the
Empowered Single Moms Community

Of all the Facebook groups I’m in, I love this one the most! It’s so helpful to know I’m not alone on the days I’m super down. It’s also so encouraging to see successful days of other single moms! It’s most definitely a roller coaster, but it’s so nice to part of a tribe with similar stories! ❤️❤️❤️ Thanks to everyone that contributes!—-Cherish Ann

……you, ladies, have no idea how much strength you give me. it is nice to have a place where I can come vent and read to know that I am not alone. I don’t even know any of y’all personally but you have no idea how much of a safe haven you have provided for me.–M.R.

You Can Change All that

With time to reflect, the support and encouragement of the community I built I was able to design a life I love. I want that for you too.

I want you to be part of a community that gets you, that encourages you to be all that you can be and have a life you love living.

Sign up today to be a founding member and get the monthly membership in Empowered Single Moms’ Life Coaching Community for $10 per month (Huge Savings). 

You can cancel any time.

The truth is that the 4 biggest mistakes single moms make are...

Mistake #1

Trying to do it all alone.

Mistake #2

Not believing in yourself.

Mistake #3

Waiting and hoping someone will rescue you.

Mistake #4

Not setting goals.

Introducing Empowered Single Moms' Life Coaching Community

This is a monthly subscription membership

empowered Single Moms Life Coaching Community

Stop doing it all alone. Join the paid Empowered Single Mom Coaching Community and be part of a community of like minded moms with similar struggles reaching their goals together.

Take a look inside

customized resources to help you set and meet your goals

Exercises to set a new vision and customized resources to help you turn your vision into a plan.

$20 Value

Exclusive Facebook Group

The Facebook group will be a place to brainstorm ideas, share your wins and be inspired by other moms with similar goals and struggles. Only subscription members in this exclusive group.

$25 Value

Group Virtual Meetings

Twice a month get questions answered and feedback from your life coach and group members in ZOOM meetings.

$100 Value

Imagine a world where...

You have meetings with your own life coaching group! Women who get you. Women who understand your struggles. Moms who are working on similar goals and are cheering you on to reach your goals too.


Special bonus

BONUS Thriving Single Mom Journal (VALUED AT 10$)

Identify your strengths, your vision for your life and the first steps to getting from here to there

Hello there! I'm Tamara

I am a psychotherapist, life coach and single mom. I made this coaching community so that your journey will be easier than mine was. During the 2 1/2 years it took for my divorce to be final I ended up unemployed and started my private counseling practice where I do life coaching and treat anxiety, depression and couple’s issues. 

It was scary to start a business as a single mom, but it was one of the best decisions I ever made. I know you have the power to do more than you think you can too. Together you will have the support and encouragement to be the woman you are meant to be. 

Tamara Mason

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the Zoom calls recorded?

NO the only people who will hear the conversation are the people at the live meeting.

what if I can't Make the Live Meeting?

Group coaching sessions are usually cost $40-$50 per session. Most people will not be able to make all of the group meetings. You are getting the community at much less than this. Even if you aren’t able to make all of the group sessions you are getting more than your money’s worth with the exclusive Facebook group and individualized resources.

Why is there a Monthly MEMBERSHIP FEE?

Coaching groups are usually $40-$50 per session. You are paying for the coaches experience and skill in guiding the group and providing resources.   It takes time and money to set up the resources  and technology to keep it working for you. I also keep the community positive and supportive

Stop trying to do it all alone, join the empowered single Moms' Life Coaching community!

$135 per month value. Sign up now as a founding member and get a monthly membership for 93% off value of membership. 


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